About Jademo

Family business

Jademo is a prominent family business specialized in the cutting and commercializing of sow and pork meat in Europe and beyond.
Thanks to our unquestionable experience in the industry passed down over three generations, combined with our shared values (quality, knowledge and flexibility), we were able to build a portfolio of loyal customers and suppliers. 

Family business


Quality is of the utmost importance in our industry. Not only are we certified by external quality agencies such as IFS, BRC and ACS, but we also ensure that our employees receive in-house training on quality, hygiene and safety in the workplace several times a year. 


Our years of experience in the industry guarantee that we can deliver customer-specific products. In joint consultation, we endeavour to deliver the perfect cuttings for your production process. 


A feature we do not only boast in terms of product specifications, but which also characterizes our logistics platform. We operate our own fleet which supplies the Belgian and foreign markets every day. In addition, we call upon hauliers to deliver our products to the customer as quickly as possible.

Major player

These values have enabled us to become a major player. We process over 200.000 kilogram of sow and pig meat on a daily basis, in cooperation with a team of 140 professionals. We constantly strive for the best quality, in accordance with the strictest current standards. 

Major player

Unpacked meat

Traditional cuts as well as custom-made, in consultation with the customer

Prepacked meat

Packaging line (film, vacuum), weighing and labelling line

Frozen meat

Automated tunnel freezers and storage capacity of 2.500 tons

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