Production & Export

JADEMO NV is a new construction project, founded in 2006, which satisfies the strictest standards concerning the environment, traceability and product flow.
We have sufficient cooling and freezing capacity for storage and packaging. The entire process is strictly monitored by means of temperature control and is beneficial to the freshness of our products. We furthermore possess modern machinery that can package and label products for customers in accordance with their preferences. Fresh, frozen or vacuum-packed.
Despite the fact that our production site is quite new, we are constantly re-evaluating what can be improved and which investments are worthwhile, so that we can continue to supply the highest quality under the most favorable conditions.
Our expertise extends far beyond just Belgium. Approximately half of our revenue goes to export, both to countries within the European Union and other countries. Are you a new customer and do you want to work with us? We will find the most suitable solution together!

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