Quality as cornerstone

JADEMO NV attaches a great deal of importance to quality; we believe that quality is the cornerstone of every successful company, especially in the food industry.
In order to guarantee this quality, we work closely with our traders to ensure that they supply us with pigs of the desired quality and can guarantee the traceability of those pigs.
In addition to a high-quality supply, we also guarantee quality processing in a production environment that meets the strictest standards in the areas of hygiene and safety. We employ 2 quality managers for this purpose. They are responsible for daily quality management and also provide the employees with in-house training to ensure that everyone fully understands this company culture.
As a guarantee to our customers, we will do everything to supply high-quality products under the most hygienic conditions and in accordance with the latest applicable regulations. 

Our certificates

IFS International Food Standards

International Food standard is an internationally known and recognized quality system. The established requirements are: management of the critical points of the production process, involvement of the management team and employees, traceability of both the products and packaging materials, and the taking of corrective actions.

Self Checking System / HACCP

In addition to the IFS and BRC quality systems, JADEMO NV also has a validated HACCP system (SCS), which is accredited and supervised by the FAVV. A Self-Checking System (SCS) is based on the principles of the HACCP, but also comprises the GMPs (= Good Manufacturing Practices), traceability and a reporting requirement.


BePork is the Belgian quality label for pork and is monitored by VZW Belpork in Brussels. BePork is not just any logo or brand; it is a quality label, for which all links of the production chain commit to work and produce in accordance with the standards of BePork. This is called Integral Chain Monitoring and provides the consumer with the guarantee that their delicious cut of pork was monitored 'from pitchfork to fork.'
Are you a producer and do you want to join, don't hesitate and take a look: www.belpork.be 


QS is the German quality label for fattening pigs, sows and piglets, and also guarantees Integral Chain Monitoring. JADEMO NV is the only Belgian company allowed to use this quality label for its sow meat. 


Traceability is an essential part of the production process. Traceability is not only monitored by the quality systems described above, but is also guaranteed by the implementation of a transparent policy. JADEMO NV has developed an IT system that enables us to take action as quickly as possible in the event of a risk to food safety.

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